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Job Opening Information School Bus Driver

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TR/SBD 070119
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Position Title
School Bus Driver
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Job Description


LOCATION OF POSITION: Monroe One BOCES, Transportation Department

TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: 10-Month Position, Full Time & Part Time Positions; 2019-2020 School Year

STARTING DATE:  Continuous Recruitment

1.  Responsible for safe and efficient operation of a school bus used in the transportation of students with special needs on an assigned route, field trips and shuttles.
2.  Responsible for the safety and conduct of students with disabilities and program participants while in transport.
3.  Bus Driver may be accompanied in transit by a Bus Attendant.
4.  Bus Driver must complete the NYS Basic 30-hour School Bus Driver Instructional Program within the first year of employment.
5.  Responsible for attending and completing all required training.

1.  Assist students in boarding and exiting a bus by student door and/or operating a hydraulic lift for wheelchairs.
2.  Check the operating condition of a school bus before starting regular run or trip.
3.  Report any mechanical defects of a bus to the bus garage.
4.  Instruct/inform students and program participants about practices when entering or exiting a bus and while in transit.
5.  Maintain orderly conduct of students on the bus.

1.  Civil Service eligibility as a Bus Driver:
A. Possession of a valid NYS driver’s license appropriate to the vehicle(s) operated.
B. Must meet all State and Federal pre-employment requirements of the position prior to employment including the appropriate driver’s license for the vehicle being operated.
2.  Possess current CDL License or valid CDL permit with (P) and (S) Endorsements.
3.  Candidates are required to submit to an appropriate medical examination conducted by the employing school district with the requirement of Section 611 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.
4.  Candidates are required to submit to the district’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program according to federal regulations.
5.  Meet NYSED Physical Performance Test requirements (drag 125 lbs. 30' in 30 seconds).
6.  Must be at least 21 years of age.
7.  Physically able to perform essential functions of the position (with or without reasonable accommodation).

Job Category
Support Staff
Job Location
District Wide

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