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Job Opening Information Traffic Monitor – CREEKSIDE & DISTRICT BASED K-12 12.1.4 – for Extended School Year Programs

Job Number
ESY/TM/CRK-DB 022819
Application Deadline

Position Title
Traffic Monitor – CREEKSIDE & DISTRICT BASED K-12 12.1.4 – for Extended School Year Programs
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Job Description

This is for an Extended School Year (ESY) program and is considered a BOCES ESY position. Employees are encouraged to also apply to all other positions that they are qualified for such as those found on the Summer Work posting which are not BOCES ESY positions.


TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: July 8, 2019 - August 16, 2019, Full Time. For all BOCES Programs Pre and Post summer trainings and set-up as directed.

Mandatory Summer Set-Up Meetings:
eSTART & O’Connor Academy = June 5, 2019
Transition & Employment Program = June 11, 2019
Creekside (BPA) & 12:1:4 DB School Age = June 12, 2019
Creekside (BUP) & 12:1:4 DB School Age, Bird Morgan & 8:1:1 Elementary & Middle, Rush Henrietta Integrated = June 19, 2019

​1.  Assisting in lining up buses in the bus loops.
​2.  Directing students to their buses or bringing students to their classrooms if their classrooms need extra assistance.
​3.  Relaying information to the bus drivers and attendants when asked questions about a specific student that may have left early, come in late, or not been on the bus in the morning.
​4.  Staying with any students that may have late arriving busses at the end of the day.
​5.  Communicating with office staff and administrators any issues that may arise with students, staff, or transportation during student arrival and dismissal.
​6.  Check in with office staff/administrators prior to student arrival and after student dismissal for any additional responsibilities that may be required.

1.  Applicants must commit to working the full 30-day Summer Program.
​2.  Attend a mandatory planning meeting.
​3.  Applicant must work as a Paraeducator for Creekside School or District Based 12.1.4 during Summer School.
​4.  Must communicate and represent Creekside or District Based 12.1.4 in a professional manner when speaking with students, staff, drivers, attendants, etc.
​5.  Use the two-way radios to communicate with the main office, administrators, and with other traffic monitors.
​6.  Physically able to perform essential functions of the position (with or without reasonable accommodation).
​7.  Excellent attendance and punctuality.

Employment is contingent upon student enrollment and availability of programs. First consideration to current BOCES employees if applications are submitted by 4/09/2019. 

Job Category
Extended School Year Programs (ESY) 2019
Job Location
District Wide

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