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Job Opening Information Signing Skills Coach - for Extended School Year Programs

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ESY/SSC 022819
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Signing Skills Coach - for Extended School Year Programs
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Job Description

This is for an Extended School Year (ESY) program and is considered a BOCES ESY position. Employees are encouraged to also apply to all other positions that they are qualified for such as those found on the Summer Work posting which are not BOCES ESY positions.

LOCATION OF POSITION: Monroe One BOCES; Various Locations

TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: July 8, 2019 - August 16, 2019, Full Time.  For all BOCES Programs Pre and Post summer trainings and set-up as directed.

Mandatory Summer Set-Up Meetings:
eSTART & O’Connor Academy = June 5, 2019
Transition & Employment Program = June 11, 2019
Creekside (BPA) & 12:1:4 DB School Age = June 12, 2019
Creekside (BUP) & 12:1:4 DB School Age, Bird Morgan & 8:1:1 Elementary & Middle, Rush Henrietta Integrated = June 19, 2019

1.  Act as language model, and provide some receptive and expressive interpreting in the classroom and special events during the school day.
2.  Work one on one to assist special education/related services student to develop the necessary skills to successfully participate in the mainstream.
3.  Coordinate with teacher and other education team members toward program goals.
4.  Facilitate spoken and signed communication between student and staff.
5.  Participate in in-servicing faculty and students as necessary.

1.  High School Graduate; Associate's degree preferred.
2.  Intermediate to advanced sign language skills.
3.  Basic interpreting skills.
4.  Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training required.
5.  Experience in support service programs with deaf/hearing impaired or special education programs preferred.
6.  Must be available for all days of the assignment.
7.  If assigned to a BOCES ESY program, attend mandatory planning meeting.
8.  Physically able to perform essential functions of the position (with or without reasonable accommodation).

Employment is contingent upon student enrollment and availability of programs.  First consideration to current BOCES employees if applications are submitted by 4/09/2019.

Job Category
Extended School Year Programs (ESY) 2019
Job Location
District Wide

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